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Romantic Countryside Chalet Kansas Wedding | Ellen & Nick

Once upon a time, two red heads fell in love and tied the knot at an adorable Countryside Chalet in Linwood, Kansas… oh, and I had the pleasure of photographing it! Ellen & Nick are so down-to-earth and joyful, just the kind of couple I adore working with!

Ellen was honestly one of the most organized, detail-oriented bride I’ve worked with, I was so impressed and it really helped her get all the images she was hoping for 🙂

These two met in high school our sophomore year (in health class more specifically through a mutual friend). Nick started talking to Ellen in class after befriending her best friend (Jenna MOH) as she volunteered for the highschool football team which Nick played for. They connected fast and started dating shortly after. Keep scrolling to read more of their story!

Vendor shout outs:

Venue: Countryside Chalet | Linwood, KS

Florist- Solstice Flowers

Cake – Sugar and Spice Catering

Bridal Dress- Mia’s Bridal and Tailoring

Bridesmaid Dresses- Davids Bridal

Brides Shoes- Keds Kate Spade Dillards

Grooms and groomsmen suits- Men’s Warehouse

Caterer- Brobeck’s BBQ

Hair Stylist/MUA- Shelby Floyd

DJ- Marcus Rhodes

Invitations- Minted

Bartending- Simply Sipped

Nick & Ellen were very focused on their college educations and careers before wanting to get married so they were together 9 years before getting engaged. Because of this, they had lived together for a couple years and wanted to get more financially stable before getting married. It was important to Nick to own his own home as soon as possible so they went looking for houses. After finding one they loved and Nick closing the deal, unbeknownst to Ellen, he had much more planned! He actually proposed on the front porch of their new home the day he closed on the house. Also, to her surprise, he planned a mini engagement party where their parents and her best friend showed up a couple hours later with pizza and champagne!

I asked Nick & Ellen each how they would describe each other, and this is what they shared:

Nick (from Ellen)- “Nick is a classic case of hard shell on the outside but gooey on the inside. He is also really goofy. He is actually quite funny but I’m not sure if that is because he is actually funny or if he’s so funny because he thinks he is ha! He is the “take his shirt off his back” for anyone in need type but he also has no tolerance for laziness. He is determined and very goal oriented. He acts like the tough guy (and he is) but when you get him in front of kids or puppies he melts. He treats me with nothing but respect and is always there to listen. He’s the kind of guy that brings me a DQ blizzard when I’m sick and has flowers waiting for me when I come home from a trip and hasn’t seen me in a week. The type of guy that will help someone on the side of the road who is stuck in snow or with a flat tire. He is a guy you can count on and who will show up. I could keep going but I think you get the idea! I love him for everything he is in spite of his flaws and because of them.”

Ellen (from Nick)- “Ellen is the most loving and forgiving person you will meet. She will always go out of her way to make sure everyone else is happy first. She loves her family (including mine) and will go out of her way to spend as much time with them as possible. Beyond her relationships, which are the most important thing in her life, she is also a hard worker who will accept nothing but the best from herself; from being a perfectionist around the house to also maintaining the best work ethic and knowledge in her career.”

One of Ellen’s favorite things about Nick is that he makes her laugh, a lot!

One of Nick’s favorite things about Ellen is that she is always up for new adventures.


They love their puppy, Gunner, so much! He also has red hair so they are a cute little ginger family 🙂 They take him everywhere including camping trips and kayaking trips on the river! They are both obsessed with Mexican food and that is what they always pick when going out for dinner!

When it comes to date nights, a night in is actually their favorite. They are so busy in our lives and when they can take an afternoon just to spend time with each other, even if its watching Netflix, its the best!

Their favorite trip is going to the lake and enjoying time outside or on the water.

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