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Overland Park Wedding | Trent & Jenni

This amazing couple met through work. Trent is an emergency manager (he sets off the tornado sirens) and Jenni is a meteorologist (she is the one that issues the tornado warnings for him to set off the sirens!). They were friends/work colleagues for awhile but we quickly realized that wasn’t enough!

Trent’s daughter, Lilly, was SO excited after they picked out Jenni’s rings that the very next time she came over, Lilly started stage-whispering, “Dad!! Go get the rings! Do it now!” Jenni pretended not to hear and they went upstairs, where I could hear her telling Trent that he needed to write her a poem. The two came back downstairs with two ring boxes and an iPad. Trent read Jenni the wolfpack speech from the Hangover (his “poem” – modified to be appropriate for a 5-year old to hear) and asked Jenni to marry him. Then Lilly opened the other box and she had picked out a ring for Jenni too! She asked, “will you marry my daddy?” Jenni says it was the cutest thing in the world and she wears Lilly’s ring every day too (it’s her birthstone – blue topaz).

This intimate, family only, wedding in Overland Park, Kansas was so special to get to be a part of. Lilly was the sweetest flower girl and it was evident how elated she was to have Jenni joining her family. In fact, she told me that she had been waiting for this day her entire life 🙂


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