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7 Must-Have Shots for Your Next Personal Brand Photo Session

As the owner of two small businesses myself, I understand the challenges of getting the right kinds of photos to create unique content that grows my business as well as anyone. First is the obvious challenge of just finding the right photographer and getting your photo session on the calendar. But as you’re in the planning stage, I’ve put together this list to help you maximize your session and end up with the perfect shots for what you need!

1. Blank space on the side of the image

This helps immensely for websites as your designer can layer text boxes, design elements, etc. for a more interactive and unique flow. Try looking to the side so you’re looking at the extra content once it’s added online!

2. Blank space at the top of a vertical image

This is crucial for Instagram stories and reel covers, so there is plenty of space to add information about an offer, wording for entertainment, etc.

3. Different emotions

This helps so much when trying to connect your copy with your images, along with connecting on a deeper level with the right people. For example, sharing a huge win with a celebratory pose or telling people about the ways you can help them with their burnout with a pose that evokes stress and overwhelm instead of the usual smile.

4. Items and tools of the trade that show your personality and what you do

This is a great way to mix up your feed and pull in other pieces of your personality and story. Let’s be real, most of us don’t want to post images of our faces every day anyway, so it’s a  nice option to still keep it personal without having to pull random stock photos from the internet.

5. Movement

Static, smiling photos can get a little boring and don’t always stand out online. A little movement can be eye-catching and really stop the scroll to encourage people to take a closer look at the caption and your business! Even if your industry isn’t one that naturally inspires movement (like fitness), try twirling, tossing objects, etc.

6. Words

Incorporating words is a fantastic way to make your images unique from anyone else’s. Plus it gives you plenty of opportunities to connect your copy for content that makes sense and draws people in. Examples of this could be graphic tees, letter boards, or notecards you write applicable sayings on. I typically limit the number of images in a graphic tee or of each item so they don’t feel stale or overused too quickly, but a few quick shots can be very powerful. This is also something that can really bring clarity to what industry you are in and who you are talking to (your ideal client).

7. Behind the Scenes

You interacting with others and doing exactly what someone would be hiring you for is one of the most powerful types of images you can have! People want to be able to envision themselves working with you and will feel that much more comfortable feeling like they know a little more about what to expect. This may involve bribing a friend to come model with you if you do work in person, but it is always fully worth the outcome!

If you’re located in Colorado Springs or Denver and need new personal brand photos, I’m your girl! Just shoot me an email at and I can send over my full brochure. You can also jump on my email list at the link below to be notified of upcoming brand mini session events, which I offer roughly every quarter at various locations!

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