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Weston Red Barn Farm Missouri Wedding | Holly & Chris

You guys! I finally got to shoot a wedding at the Weston Red Barn Farm! This Missouri venue is a classic for rustic weddings and I’ve been hoping for the chance to shoot here for a long time now. Thanks to Holly and Chris for making it happen! I met these two for breakfast after Holly found me on Instagram (Ahhh also that is so awesome!). We instantly connected as they are down to earth, planners, and a little goofy too as the icing on the cake. 

I’m excited to share their photos with you, but first let me tell you a little bit of their story 🙂

Chris and Holly met their first semester of college. Holly attended a small group and met her friend Emily (who would become her best college friend and the reason she met Chris). The girls started going to the gym together and having game nights on Emily’s floor. Conveniently enough, Chris lived across the hall from Emily and the three started eating together in the dining hall and watching movies with the rest of their floor, etc. Chris emailed Holly to say Happy Birthday and they started texting while she was away in St Louis. The next semester they started getting more serious and spending more and more time together. They ran a half marathon together five years ago about the same time Chris met her parents and soon after, Holly told Chris that she wanted to be his girlfriend. YEAH GIRL! 

Okay now I’m dying to share some photos so you’ll just have to keep scrolling to read their engagement story and all the nice things they have to say about why they love each other <3

Holly describes Chris as laid-back. Time does not weigh on him like it does on her or others. He has mastered the art of relaxation and always remains calm. He is an intellectual, thinking things through and his mind is always running. He thinks before he speaks, is a great learner and loves to teach. She loves his creative side and his great sense of humor. 

I also love the way Chris describes Holly: “If I’m laid back and not worried, Holly is the opposite. She’s not a worrywart, but she openly cares about a lot more or feels the need to devote more energy to things. She’s extremely stubborn. Really stubborn. She always needs to be doing something. She’s crafty. She likes a good long run or bike ride. She is very passionate and has strong values, not easily swayed to do things she doesn’t want to do. I like her. I think she’s beautiful with some snowflakes in her hair. She never wants to leave anybody out and makes more of an effort than anybody I know to be her friend’s friend.”

One of Chris’ favorite things about Holly is her goofy nature. He said he can’t sum it up any other way because it’s the only explanation for how she can put up with him. Hah! Don’t you just love them already?!? 

Just a little more scrolling before you get to find out how he proposed 😉


Chris and Holly love Colorado (another reason we connected so quickly, considering I grew up there and adore the state too). His family goes every year for vacation and Holly’s first time was during her junior year of college over Spring Break. In August of 2017 the two went on a trip to Colorado to camp and hike, hoping to accomplish two fourteeners while they were there. Chris had been planning to propose on one of the mountains, but while climbing the first, Holly started to feel terrible so they searched for somewhere else to hike the next day because he didn’t want her to go through the sickness again, especially since he wanted to propose 😉 They took a bus to the Maroon Bells, rushed to get on a bus to Buckskin Pass and made it to the top. Chris had Holly sit down and take a drink and then he began comparing hiking to life. He started talking about their life together and then got down on one knee and proposed! Holly said she immediately grabbed him, hugged him tightly and he put her ‘mountain climbing ring’ on her finger. 

Holly says that Chris has always been really easy to talk to. She realized pretty quickly after meeting him that it stems from similar backgrounds with parents and friends growing up. They connect when they don’t know pop culture (and don’t care to know) and one of her favorite things about him is his calming presence. Holly believes that Chris has truly shown her a glimpse into God’s character of peace. She said, “literally, before I knew Chris, I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I always felt like I had to do, do, do, and be, be, be. I had to be involved in everything and never have a moment to just sit and be still. I loved everything I was doing, but it made me exhausted. I put too much pressure on myself. I think, though Chris, God has taught me more about Himself. I have learned rest, and learned that it is good for me. I have learned from Christ that I don’t need to put so much pressure on myself. It’s been a process for sure, and I am still learning, but luckily I’ve got this man by my side for the rest of my life.”

For their wedding day, they envisioned a celebration! Having food, friends, family and dancing is the best combination… and especially since it was for the purpose of them uniting together! Holly wanted it to be special for the two of them and to feel every moment, the grass under her toes (because yes, she got married barefoot because she is awesome like that), watching Chris’ facial expressions, laughing and smiling through their first dance because that’s what he does to her, dancing with her best friend, and stuffing her face with cupcakes. In retrospect, I’d say her hopes and dreams for the day definitely came true 😉


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