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London, England Couple Photos | Clint & Lauren

My husband and I went to London and Paris a couple weeks ago to celebrate our 4th anniversary, and I just happen to have some friends who live there currently! I knew Lauren in college, but she was a couple years older so our paths didn’t cross much. A couple years after graduating, we started following each other on social media because she is a portrait photographer as well. We’ve touched base every now and then to talk about business and the photography industry, so when I found out she was living in London, we immediately set up a photo swap session! I mean come one… the stars just aligned too perfectly, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity! Thankfully our husbands were good sports and put up with our inability to do a “short” photo session, even though that might have been what we promised them….. 

We got to grab dinner together afterwards and hear all about their journey out of debt (seriously, they are like Dave Ramsey’s poster children now, it’s awesome) and into a year of serving at a coffee shop ministry/church in London. They have such beautiful hearts for people and are so talented, I was honored to have the chance to get to know them better! And, of course, giddy about getting to photograph such an awesome couple in a city that I totally fell in love with. I will be sharing a blog post about our trip soon, but for now… enjoy! 

p.s. if you’re ever in London and need a good place to take photographs, St Dunstan’s in the East has an AMAZING little courtyard that is a quiet little getaway right in the middle of a busy area. Big Ben is just off to the right of the bridge we shot on, but unfortunately it was completely covered in scaffolding as they make repairs… hence why it didn’t make an appearance in the images.


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