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Cider Gallery and Downtown Lawrence, Kansas Wedding | Brian & Kay

Kay says that Brian is goofy, intelligent, hard-working, sweet, and so many other wonderful adjectives. He is so passionate about many things in his life and she doesn’t think anyone who meets him could ever dislike him. He has such a sincere way about him, she made it a point to say she’s marrying a “good one.”

Brian says that Kay is such an intelligent, athletic, and genuine person with good style. She rarely says an unkind word and even when she tries to be mean, she can’t. She’s his favorite person (seems like they’re off to a good start!).

Huge thanks to all the amazing vendors who made this day possible:

Florist: Clover and Honey

Bridal Dress: Maggie Sottero Designs

Bridal Shoes: Betsey Johnson

Groom Suit: Generation Tux

Hair Stylist: Hello Lovely KC

Makeup Artist: Malory Payne

Jewelry: Kendra Scott and Local Eclectic

Ceremony: First United Methodist Church Downtown Lawrence, KS

Reception: Cider Gallery Fine Art

Cake: Sweet Dreams Cake Company

DJ: Lawrence DJ Service

Invitations: Minted and Zazzle

Officiant: Reverend Tyler J. Kaufmann

This amazing couple met in 2010 in Microbiology Lab. Brian was in his last semester of school and Kay was still a shy sophomore who was very intimidated by this handsome lab partner. She also had a big crush on him (which he says he reciprocated, but she isn’t so sure). They parted ways at the end of the semester, her having said maybe a total of ten words to him. About a year afterwards they ran into each other at local drinking establishments, although one or both were in other relationships every time. They were both also enrolled in pharmacy school and would run into each other in the student lounge occasionally. Kay was always impressed that he remembered who she was, and even though “Kay” is one syllable, she came to learn that it was a big deal that he remembered her name. Some part of her was always drawn to Brian and in her last semester of pharmacy school before moving away to the Pacific Northwest, she found herself single with nothing to lose and reached out to him. Before she knew it they were drinking whiskey together in 2015 and establishing that they were both finally, mutually single. The rest truly is history.

Kay said she almost wishes she could go back in time and tell 24-year-old Kay in 2015, “Just you wait. You won’t believe the wonderful things that are to come,” but it was beautiful how it played out!

Keep on scrolling to hear about their epic proposal!

These two lovebirds had talked about marriage and knew early on that they were meant for each other. Brian’s parents had planned a trip to Yosemite but ended up having to cancel it. they were able to cancel all of their reservations except for one VRBO house and they came to us asking if we wanted to use the house for the weekend. Kay is never one to pass up an adventure, especially not one that involved a National Park! After convincing Brian that it was worth it to get his shifts covered in order to take off work for it, they made the plan and she even joked that it would be a great time to propose on a trip that she had planned because she wouldn’t see it coming. Needless to say, she was so surprised with how the weekend turned out!

They arrived late Friday night to the busy busy park and after struggling to find parking the whole day on Saturday, they ended by cooked a frozen pizza and drinking a bottle of red wine (she still has the cork from the bottle – not surprising!). They planned to drive to Glacier Point and hike into the valley on Sunday before flying back to Tacoma, which was also busier than they expected. About a half mile down the trail at a viewpoint, they stopped to take off jackets and for her to finish her infamous chocolate muffin… when she turned around, Brian started asking how she felt about her nail polish (she had previously told him she wanted her nails to be painted when he proposed). She saw the ring box bulging through the pocket of his hiking pants and everything became so surreal. Kay said she can’t remember what he said after that, but she kept asking him, “Are you serious? Are you serious?!” He got down on bended knee and popped the question, she said yes, and they were engaged! They never did finish that hike, but they will always remember that feeling of pure elation that morning.

Kay says Brian is so supportive of her and always listens to what she has to say, no matter how silly it is or how long-winded and animated she becomes. He truly makes her feel like they’re on a team together and he makes the world feel less scary. That, and he can make her laugh and smile like no one else… they just get each other’s humor!

Brian finds Kay so sweet and she has such a sweet heart (he says she’s also a sweetheart, but he means it in the more genuine kind of way). He loves her dance moves and her style and how her eyes light up when she smiles. He said he can’t help but appreciate that she laughs at his dumb jokes and throws his humor right back at him!

Brian and Kay envisioned a day filled with love and happiness and celebration for the beginning of their lives together!


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