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Shutterfest 2017 | A photography conference

Even though I’ve lived in Kansas City for 3 years now, last week was the first time we made the quick drive over to St. Louis. While we didn’t get too far outside of the Union Station area where this conference was held, I definitely got the feeling that I like KC better 🙂 It was definitely worth the visit though and most of the classes were great! It’s so affirming so be able to keep up with the language that the speakers use and I really left with a renewed passion for this beautiful industry. Below you’ll see the amazing Westcott Ice Light in action, some fun shots of my husband, one groom model and some images from a hands on lifestyle family photography class… basically a hodge podge of images from throughout the two days we were there! Oh yeah, and I can’t forget about the coffee shop and the flowers that were just too pretty to pass up 😀 I absolutely love shooting weddings, but this sort of experience and shooting while I’m on trips keeps things interesting and different and it gives me an opportunity to just shoot for FUN and for myself!

See the model I got to photograph at the conference HERE

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