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Downtown Skyline Kansas City Proposal | Corban & Malena

My brother had been dating his girlfriend for about 11 months. We don’t talk on the phone very often so when he called me to work out some details about an upcoming trip to visit my husband and I in Kansas City, I just KNEW what he was about to say. When he told me he was planning on proposing while they were in town and needed some help with the plan, I wasn’t surprised but I certainly was off my rocker with excitement… because Malena is amazing and perfect for him!!! Corban graduated from CU Denver with a Audio Recording degree last year and Malena has one year left there before she graduates with the same degree. So basically, she gets his world. Not only that, but they are in a band together (he is an incredible drummer and she plays bass guitar) and she has toured with him across the country in another band as well! I told him that a girl who is willing to put up with that kind of lifestyle (sketchy venues, less than ideal living conditions, lots of road time with stinky boys, etc.) is one in a million and that he’d better hold on to her. It looks like he listened 🙂 

Besides being as go-with-the-flow and easy-to-please as he is, Malena is confident in her faith, has the sweetest demeanor and even drinks her coffee black! I absolutely can’t believe I’m so lucky to gain her as a sister; she already has no trouble clicking with our family! I won’t be doing their wedding photos so I can truly be present and celebrate them on the big day – but it’s coming up in a quick 3.5 months in Denver and I can’t wait!!! 

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