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Olathe, KS Couple Lifestyle photo session | Katie Rose & Beau weissend

Lifestyle photography is the ‘art of the every day.’ It’s a way of slowing down to take notice of the beauty in the ordinary, rather than fabricating something extraordinary that isn’t representative of who people truly are. Some of my very favorite sessions have happened inside the home, the very spaces that my clients inhabit on a day-to-day basis. I had the chance to photograph Katie Rose & Beau in the comfort of their adorable home, as well as on some trails within walking distance of it (a section of the Indian Creek Trail in Olathe, KS) as the start to a series of photos for a personal project! So much good conversation has happened with my husband and I and this sweet couple around this very table and couch. Unexplainable, life-giving kind of stuff that has brought us closer together in ways we couldn’t have even hoped for in a new friendship.

These outdoor images were great because they gave me a chance to use my OCF (Off Camera Flash) in a situation that I didn’t technically need it, and usually wouldn’t have bothered with it… but it turned out to be helpful in creating the look that I wanted! One of the purposes of this project for me was to stay in the practice of finding, shaping and utilizing different types of light in a variety of settings. I only used it for about half of the images below, but it’s always a good reminder of just how helpful and powerful the one small light source can be to be confident shooting in ANY lighting situation. 

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  1. Yvonne says:

    Great idea, capturing those moments we can take for granted. Love this couple.

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