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Downtown Kansas City Main Street & Coffee Shop Photos | Katie Rose & Beau

An early evening downtown Kansas City served as the backdrop for the second session in a series of images I took of Katie Rose and Beau for a personal project dealing with light and this one couple in a variety of settings (see session 1 here). I drive by this view on my way home from work every day and can never get over how beautiful the combination of art and architecture is, not to mention how vibrant it is around sunset. 

Similarly to my husband and I, Beau and Katie Rose are major coffee lovers! They hadn’t been to Goat Hill Coffee in the Crossroads district yet so I took the opportunity to capture them in a very natural setting…. again in the same lifestyle-type realm as the first images we took in their home. I’m slightly obsessed with and inspired by the idea of “third spaces,” and how much life is lived in them. Basically, the home is thought of as the first space, the workplace is the second and the third spaces are those in which “a community develops and retains a sense of cohesion and identity.” They are the places we go outside of work and home to socialize, build community and truly find ourselves and our purpose within the diverse context of the world in which we live. For people like us, coffee shops often become that space for us, so there is something incredibly special about them for that reason! 

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