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Kansas City 2016 Senior Representative: Shelby Brand

I’ll admit it…I am INCREDIBLY late in the game to be taking senior representative photos…but I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to make a new connection so I’m glad I still went for it! Meet the beautiful Shelby. She goes to high school in Olathe but was kind enough to meet me downtown for some photos at the Liberty Memorial/Crown Center area of Kansas City.

Shelby was such a trooper, finding random restrooms to change in and hiking up the massive hill in her high heels… I couldn’t have asked for an easier person to work with 🙂 Shelby loves music, pours herself into her two jobs and says she is known to be a crazy cat lady (although I thought she was very normal haha). She’ll be attending Kansas University in the fall and I’m so excited for all the opportunities she will run into in this next stage of life. My younger sister is graduating high school this year as well so I have a special place in my heart for all those making the plunge into college or jobs or whatever dreams they have for their lives. It’s such a time of adventure and change and I love seeing them be bold, take risks and enter into the first stage of adulthood! Congratulations to the high school class of 2016 – you’ve almost made it! 

Oh and I forgot to mention, we certainly weren’t the only ones out taking senior photos that evening…it was too beautiful not to. How adorable was this scene we ran into?!? Unfortunately this was moments before the 0 balloon floated away……

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