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Personal Brand Photo Session | Chloe with Deeper Than Money, Millennial Money Coach

This was the sixth time I’ve had the pleasure of doing a personal brand photo session with Chloe! She is a millennial money coach and understands better than anyone just how important it is to always have fresh, unique imagery to help her brand stand out, attract her ideal client, and connect personally with her audience. I adore seeing how she has used these images to help scale her business in the last year and a half… and by scale, I mean SKYROCKET!!

She also does an incredible job of connecting the copy on her website and social media to the content of the imagery to truly captivate the viewer. If you struggle with copy and need some inspiration, definitely go check her out at on Instagram!

This time we did something completely different and did her session inside a studio in order to get lots of very minimal and colorful backgrounds which helped make her props and outfits really pop! We were also sure to get lots of images where she was positioned to one side, leaving plenty of room for her team to add text in the blank spaces later for her website, landing pages, Facebook group banner image, etc. – one of my personal favorite brand photo session tips!

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