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Downtown Kansas City Winter Engagement Session | Quasha & Brendan

On a cold, windy, Winter day in Downtown Kansas City… that just so happened to also be Valentine’s Day, I got to photograph this incredible couple’s engagement session!! We have the craziest story about how we met, so I’ll start there:

A couple years ago I started chatting with a girl who was about my age in the boot section of Old Navy. She was super friendly and felt like someone I would want to be friends with. After we left, we ran in to each other again immediately afterwards in Trader Joes (in the same complex of stores) and decided that it was fate so we exchanged information. We ended up hanging out quite a few times before she moved last year and every time was so wonderful! At one point during that time, I was enrolled in the Photography Certificate course at the Kansas City Art Institute and was working on a project revolving around color for a zine (a little booklet) assignment. I needed some people to dress in specific colors and I took them around the Crossroads District in KC taking photos of them with similarly colored urban walls. I had asked Danielle (formerly known as Old Navy girl) to come and she brought a few friends with her, including Quasha – pictured here!

I didn’t meet Brendan until this engagement session and when he walked up, I thought he looked familiar but couldn’t place it. When my husband got there to help drive us around and hold my flash/softbox for the night photos, he knew immediately that we had met Brendan a few months before when we were checking out at Trader Joes (yes, AGAIN with the Trader Joes connection). He is incredibly kind and was very chatty and friendly in line so we remember walking out and commenting on how nice he was – and he had even told us his name so when my husband mentioned that, it all clicked!!

So thankful these two have chosen to trust me with their memories of this amazing season in their lives. Can’t wait for their wedding in a few short months!

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