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Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer at the Hawthorne House Kansas City|Landen & Rachel

Before I moved back to Colorado Springs, I lived in Kansas City for 5.5 years and had the pleasure of getting to know Landen and Rachel during my time there. We did their engagement session downtown and at Loose Park last year and I just recently had the pleasure of traveling back to KC to capture their beautiful, perfect wedding at the Hawthorne House!

This wedding was actually supposed to happen a few months ago, but due to everything with COVID-19, they decided to postpone in order to be able to have at least as close to the celebration of their dreams as they could!

When I asked them what they envisioned for their wedding day, they graciously said, “Our vision is simple and moldable. All that we want is a day filled with beauty, and all the people we love celebrating our commitment to each other and the kingdom of God for the rest of our lives.”

Vendor Appreciation:

Venue: The Hawthorne House

Wedding Coordinator: Shannon Nelson & Shelly Arnold

Florist: Solstice & Sage Flowers

Cake(s): Water to Wheat Cakery

Officiant: Brady Braatz

Wedding Dress : Savvy Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Groom and groomsmen tux/suit: Express

Caterer: Brancatos Catering

Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist: Jen Rosema & Taylor Mooers

Band or DJ: Matt Smith

Videographer: Preston Goff

Invitations: Minted

Bride Rings: Shane Company

Light up marquee letters: Alpha Lit KC

Rachel and Landen went to Mid-America University and met the summer before their sophomore year while playing sand volleyball. Landen made sure to always be her teammate and high-five her after every point 😉

He proposed on her 21st birthday, so she thought the whole day was planned to celebrate that! He took her to the farmers market where they met up with some close friends, then went to the Nelson-Atkins and did their pop-up mini golf course, then went their separate ways to get ready for what he told her was going to be a fancy dinner — so she had to dress up. He took her to their favorite restaurant, Lydia’s, and then after leaving, he blindfolded her so I wouldn’t know where we were going. Little did she know, she would be blindfolded for 45 minutes! After arriving at the location, he walked her out of the car, still blindfolded. When he took the blindfold off, they were at the same place where they had gone on their first date: The Morsch Farm in Bucyrus.

They canoed out to the island in the middle of the pond and it had a giant red box with a bow on it. When Rachel unwrapped it, she saw the little box in the bottom. Landen took it out and proposed, fireworks went off, and they went back to his house where their families and friends were waiting for them. Rachel said it was all a surprise and it was the best day ever! Although I have a feeling their actual wedding day might have stolen the “best day ever” award now.

Landen describing Rachel: While the true essence of the woman I’ve chosen to spend my life with is far too vast to describe with mere words, the best I can do is tell you that she is a sweet, passionate, caring, and loving person. She is someone that always brings peace to my life and everyone around her, and has a way of making you feel important that I’ve never felt as fiercely from anyone else in my life. She is a provider of safety, a giver of laughs, and fountain of joy amidst every walk of life we go through together.

Rachel describing Landen: Landen is someone who is playful, loving, so sweet, and thoughtful. He is someone who has pulled me out of my comfortable bubble by challenging me to learn more about myself. He is someone who encourages growth, but also provides safety to do so. He is someone who loves to play but also loves intentionality with family and friends. I don’t think I know anybody as intentional and thoughtful as Landen, and he makes me feel so loved by it!

Landen says he loves basically every single thing about Rachel, and the things that are harder he learns to love more and more each day.

Rachel says one of her favorite things about Landen is his spontaneity and love for life. She doesn’t know if she’s ever seen anyone else truly cherish every moment like he does. He leans into each and every experience that life gives him and makes the best of each one. Because of this, he has shown her how to enjoy every moment that life gives us.

When I asked what one of their favorite date nights so far has been, Rachel said that for their 6th month dating anniversary, they went out to dinner at Lydia’s to celebrate, but Landen had more than a fancy dinner in mind. After they ate, he took her across the bridge and over to Union sstation with a portable speaker hidden in his jacket.

By the time they entered the main hall of Union Station, it was dark outside and the hall was completely empty. Landen took out his hidden speaker and played Frank Sinatra classics while they danced together in the middle of the Grand Hall. After a few songs, Landen gently cupped her face in his hands, looked her in the eye, and told her he loved her (for the first time!) and they danced the night away together.

Congratulations to Rachel and Landen! Thank you so much for letting me play such an important role in your big day and I can’t wait to follow along as your amazing journey together continues to unfold. Your wedding was perfect and I’m beyond happy for you both!

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