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Woodland Park Summer Family Session | Parks Family

I feel so lucky to have a place like Woodland Park, Colorado to come back to and ESPECIALLY take photos in even though I live in Kansas City now. I grew up in this beautiful little town, right near Pikes Peak and there really is nothing like it! I have told my parents that they aren’t allowed to ever move so that I’m never torn between going to see them or going back to Woodland Park and I always have someone to stay with 😉 Luckily, I don’t think they have plans to. I got to do the Parks family photos again at the newly renovated Memorial Park… in Woodland Park… that’s a lot of parks, Ha!! Seeing this family once or twice a year is always a highlight of my trips home. We got connected because of photography several years back and I’ve gotten to capture their sweet kiddos from close to the beginning! I think this was my favorite session yet since it was cloudy instead of the usual bright sunlight we have worked through mid-day (due to schedules) in the past. It really does make a big difference with small kids since I can basically just photograph them wherever they decide to go instead of trying to place them somewhere for each image. They greatly enjoyed watching in the pond and the stream for fish and swinging on the swings…. and I greatly enjoyed capturing real LIFE for them as usual. I couldn’t love my job more!!

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