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The Importance of Fellowship Among Photographers

    For the first time in my life I am the new girl. I lived in the same house in a small Colorado town until I moved off to college…and that experience didn’t even count because everyone is new together then! In an effort to branch out and meet some people, last week I attended a “Photography Group” at a local church.  I must say that I’m glad I went even though it wasn’t totally in my comfort zone! I met some incredibly sweet and encouraging people who immediately made me feel at ease. 

    The group hadn’t met all summer so the meeting tonight was held solely to see photos that each person had taken over the last few months.  I have never been in a room so full of people who love the same thing that I do before like that! The leader had made a slideshow with music of all the photos we had previously submitted and we spent 50 minutes just watching it, being inspired, and talking about shots that stuck out to us.  There was nothing revolutionary about it, but it was refreshing to see people from so many different walks of life together because of one common passion. 

    As with most things, I would venture to say “we are better together.”  Photography is about sharing your perspective and capturing memories, but we can learn so much from each other in order to more accurately accomplish our goals!  I am always so happy to see groups like this….I knew of one in Colorado called “Photographers Encouraging Photographers” and I know there are “Shoot and Share” groups in most major areas!! Photography knowledge and ideas aren’t meant to be horded and ‘safe-guarded’ from competitors.  Creating fellowship with those very competitors can be one of the most rewarding endeavors for maintaining your passion and inspiring you to continually improve! Not only that but it shows that you have more passion for what you do than passion for the money you make doing it.

    Sometimes when you’re chasing your dreams it feels like you’ll never get there.  As cliché as it is to say, we can’t forget to enjoy the journey though because in the end..that’s really all it is…a journey…and who would want to go on a journey alone! If you support others, there’s a good bet they’ll support you back.

KEEP DREAMING…and don’t do it alone!

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