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Downtown Kansas City Wedding at the Terrace on Grand | Sara & Jefferson

On a warm, but not too warm day in September, Sara & Jefferson tied the knot at the Terrace on Grand in downtown Kansas City. I met Sara through my current volleyball league and I’m so grateful she trusted me to capture her big day!

Sara has a degree in history. At first everyone thought Jefferson Adams was some guy spamming her on the internet… not only does she love history, but presidential history is one of her favorite subjects and Jefferson was forced to know a lot of history because of his namesake, which just cracks me up!

Turns out he wasn’t just some guy spamming her… turns out they were just made for each other and over Labor Day weekend they said “I do” to spending the rest of their lives together!

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The engagement story, according to Sara:

“Jefferson and I live in a 102 year old Craftsman Cottage with our beloved dog Emmitt. Jefferson had a nasty accident with a dog as a child and never really liked or trusted dogs since adolescence. I had Emmitt before Jefferson and I even met so he didn’t really have a choice to not like Emmitt. Emmitt was rescued as a bait dog in a dog fighting ring and has some issues with men and larger dogs. To our surprise, Emmitt took to Jefferson quickly and visa-versa. A year after dating we moved into a house with a great backyard for Emmitt. About a year after living together Jefferson and were doing one of our many house repairs/cleaning stents. He wanted to go to a nice Italian place so he could carbo load the night before a triathlon race. I had barely gotten out of the shower when he was trying to get me out of the house to go to dinner. I arrived to the restaurant with wet hair. We had a bottle of wine and some pasta and I could tell Jefferson was increasingly nervous and kept texting people. I knew something was up but I had no idea when or how it was going to be done. Dinner wrapped up and we called the Uber home. We were dropped off and I could see my little Emmy-Boo in the window. He ran up and greeted us. I could tell he had on a different collar so I got down on the floor to investigate. The collar read “Mom, dad what wants to know if you will say yes” I looked up and saw Jefferson on one knee . I was also on one knee for I was on the ground reading the collar… I looked down at Emmitt and said yes. Because after all the question came from Emmitt and not Jefferson. Awkwardly we were both on the floor and Jefferson was looking for an answer to his question. I stood up, he slipped the ring on my finger and Emmitt began barking like crazy. We went to the backyard and our parents and friends were in the back with an impromptu surprise party!”

Jefferson is never content. He wants to be the best person, coworker, athlete, human that he can be. He works and tries very hard to be a better version of himself than he was the day before. He is funny, caring, and personable. He has a great thirst for knowledge and growth.

Sara loves that her and Jefferson can have fun doing almost anything. They can be doing yard work, or cleaning the basement and turn it into something fun. Even if its just sitting on the couch and watching a TV show, they can make it a lot of fun.

Sara’s favorite trip they went on was last fall when they went to go visit her cousin in Grand Rapids, MI. Her BELOVED grandmother passed earlier that year and they wanted to keep in touch more. Jefferson and Sara flew to Chicago, explored the city and took a train from Chicago to Grand Rapids the next day. It was the big arts festival that weekend and they saw all kinds of art, music (including her cousin’s band), new foods, and explored neighborhoods they had never imagine existing. Sara felt like she was 5 years old again with her cousin and felt their families growing closer together.

Both Sara and Jefferson are such joyful, adventurous souls, just the kind of people I adore working with!

I’m so happy for Mr. and Mrs. Adams as they start this new adventure of marriage and so grateful they trusted me to capture such an important day in their story!

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