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Boulder, Colorado Intimate November Wedding |Tyler & Alyssa

This wedding was yet another extremely special one for me. I went to high school with the groom and we were practically like brother and sister. Seriously, we even called each other bro/sis! After all these years, getting to photograph his big day was surreal and I am so honored I got to be part of it!

Alyssa and Ty had to change plans so many times due to changing COVID restrictions and there was a ton of up and down and last minute stresses. But they powered through, knowing that at the end of the day, the most important thing would be to be married to their forever love, surrounded by at least immediate family, which is all it ended up being able to be.

Just weeks before the wedding, they found the most amazing, elegant Air BnB to get ready and do photos at before heading to a little church down the street where the ceremony was live streamed.

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Vendor shoutouts:

Blue Bird Floral Design (@bluebirdfloral.boulder on Instagram)

Preston Goff (live stream + video recording)

Ty and Alyssa met at a Women’s Conference their church was putting on. Alyssa always likes to add that it was a women’s conference, because when do you meet a boy, in a room full of women?! (or as Ty would like to say, and be an opportunist in, he found this to be the perfect opportunity to meet a girl!) He originally asked her where the restroom was, and figured that was the end of it, but when she saw him playing drums on stage throughout the weekend, she took notice!

Alyssa asked many friends that knew him if he was single, and to her luck, he was! It took about a month for them to officially meet at church, but the time between noticing him and meeting him, ended up being a time she spent in prayer over meeting someone that had intrigued me! They met in a group of friends after church one day, and somehow she got the courage after a two minute conversation to message him on Instagram and tell him how nice it was to meet him, chalking it up to if he never responded, she was just being respectfully courteous of the people she met! As Ty would say (and to Alyssa’s eye roll) he didn’t respond for three days because he thought her message to him was from an instagram “influencer/model”. Once he realized it was her, they started talking, and haven’t run out of things to talk about to this day!

Ty is a structural engineer at JVA in Boulder, CO. He has been with his firm for 4.5 years, and is truly a jack of all trades! For hobbies, Ty could never pick just one, but if he had to, his one big passion would be music, and his primary hobby would include anything with art.

Alyssa is the Kid’s Director at our church, The Well here in Boulder, CO. She also freelance consults nutrition expertise to an allergen friendly start up menu app. Alyssa’s passion is for all things hospitality, dinner parties, events, and social gatherings. For hobbies, Alyssa is a big craft fan, whether it be sewing, calligraphy or stationery.

THE PROPOSAL STORY (as told by Alyssa):

“Hat off to for this one as I was oblivious from the get go! As it became apparent in March that the possibly of social distancing and going into quarantine for COVID-19 was a reality, I told Ty that whenever and whatever his plan to propose, that he still go through with his original timeframe, despite the complexity of the situation. With the help of a cousin, who somehow convinced me I should paint her nails and get dressed in normal clothes after two weeks inside our house, Ty asked if we wanted to walk around the lake, a place we frequented many times in our relationship, and a beautiful spot just up the road from my house.

I knew something was suspicious when he wore a jacket on a perfectly beautiful day, and told me we should leave my husky at home! Part of me knew what was happening, but part of me had also thought this was going to happen at other times, so I allowed my own nerves, and the nerves I clearly saw on Ty, to just be apart of the memories of the day. We walked around quite a bit of the lake, and so I figured he wasn’t going to ask. I forgot about a cute little bench, half way through the walk, a bench we spent 2+ hours talking at the week we started dating. I asked if we could sit down, which fed right into Ty’s plan all along.

He handed a beautiful hand painted card of Dream Lake in Estes Park, CO, where he originally planned to propose! Dream Lake is a special spot for us, and where our relationship really began! I read the incredibly kind and thoughtful card, only to be left with the words, “I guess I have one more question…?”

As I looked up, he went down on one knee, and asked me if I would marry him. Without hesitation, I said yes, and he placed the most beautiful, unique ring on my finger. The center diamond is from my late grandmother, and the rest of the setting was specifically and independently designed by Ty. Our sweet friend, Laurel, was able to snag some socially distanced photos of us, which will we cherish, as they captured our raw emotions on the day. We came home to a beautifully cooked dinner by my cousins, and celebrated with Gelato Boy, our favorite ice cream!”

Alyssa describing Ty:

“Ty is one of the most genuinely curious people I have ever met. He is intentional about his questions, and is always striving to better himself, in an effort to love others, including me, better. Ty has an undeniable way of making every situation lighter, and always finds a way to make others laugh and smile, no matter the situation. It gives him great joy to provide brevity to a situation, as his smile becomes its most authentic self. His adventurous and dreamer spirit is one of his most amazing qualities, as he always strives to be learning, growing and experiencing more of life. He loves our Lord deeply and strives to become a genuinely humble leader in his actions. Ty is your kindest friend, your most humble worker, your biggest belly laugh, and ever present companion for a listening ear.”

Ty describing Alyssa:

“Alyssa is an amazingly gracious and strong woman who loves living life, laughing and being with people! She is always willing to make time for friends and family! She lives life to the fullest and loves so generously! She is always willing to help, love, serve, and talk through all of life’s hardships blessings and joys. She is quirky, funny, amazingly smart and organized and loves and having fun in the world! She loves learning about people and who they dream to be! She never gives up and will always look to overcome the hard things while seeing the beautiful and good things wherever she can!”

When it comes to date nights, Ty and Alyssa love getting out of the house, especially around sunset! Often times they will grab food from one of their favorite local spots, get in the car, drive up the mountains, or to a lake, with Sasha the Wonder Dog, and eat in the back of the car. It isn’t fancy, and that’s truly what they like most about it. They will generally end the night with a deep conversation, and most definitely ice cream. They haven’t had the chance to go on a lot of trips together yet, but the favorite so far was going to Seattle to visit Ty’s parents last fall!

Congratulations to the happy couple! I’m beyond grateful to be one of the few people who was able to be there to celebrate with you and I’m so proud of you for sticking out all the hardships and having such good attitudes about how it turned out! Wishing you all my best!

  1. Alyson Silkwood says:

    Kira, This is beautiful. Thank you for not only capturing the photographs but also including so much about their relationship. It was a truly magical day.

    • Showit User says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words!! It really was a magical day and I was so honored to get to capture it!

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