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Simpson House Kansas City Spring Wedding | Jess & Julie

The Simpson House is a stunning wedding venue located in the heart of Kansas City. It’s a three-story mansion that offers both indoor and outdoor ceremony options. Thankfully, the weather held out for this special wedding to be held outdoors before an indoor brunch (that’s right – a wedding brunch! brilliant!). Speaking of non-traditional, these two ladies created such a beautiful, unique wedding experience to celebrate their union and I’m so thankful they asked me to play a role in it. Jess is an event planner by vocation so, needless to say, it was one of the smoothest weddings I’ve been to! She is also simply an amazing human being. She tells it like it is, faces issues head on to get them solved and isn’t afraid to admit mistakes when too much has been piled on her plate (then growing from them, lifting everyone around her up in the process)… all things I admire so much! She is kind and a blast to be around so it doesn’t surprise me that she found Julie, who exudes kindness and joy! 

I think most brides (including myself when I got married 4 years ago) get so caught up on the decorations, outfits and how everything looks that sometimes planning for the flow of the wedding slips through the cracks.. which translates into how the event feels! I’m planning to ask my previous brides from over the years what they would change if they could go back and plan their wedding all over again.. if you’re married, I’d love to read your answers for that in the comments!

I have nothing but fond memories of my wedding day because I tried not to let anything get to me if it didn’t go perfectly. But one of the things I remember missing as far as the flow went was the timing of the song when I walked down the aisle. I can’t even remember what it was, but I was excited about it because it was super celebratory. Of course, I didn’t think about the fact that I should have had the DJ start it at partway in instead of the beginning since the intro was a bit slow/soft. I think the epic part of the song that I wanted hit when the second or third bridesmaid/groomsman were walking back down the aisle… whoops! 🙂 Obviously a tiny thing compared to all the things that could go wrong at a wedding, but it’s a good example of the flow of the event. 

Enjoy these images now of Julie & Jess’s classy wedding:

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