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Katey and Jack | Colorado Springs Engagement

Isn’t it crazy how your little bubble of connections goes around and around? Obviously social media has really impacted this as you are able to watch and/or interact with people who you never expected to be in contact with again. I was good friends with Katey’s older sister in high school and we have some fun memories together – one in particular is when I went with the two sisters and their mom to Estes Park, Colorado one weekend during the summer. I will never forget walking around the lake chatting and all of a sudden realizing that I had left Kelly and Katey 25ish feet behind me whispering “Kira wait, Kira!” as they pointed in the direction I was walking. Yeah…that was the time I literally almost walked into a moose.

Fast forward to this past Monday when I got to take Katey’s ENGAGEMENT photos! I got to meet Jack, who was such a trooper… I always appreciate when the guy is sweet about putting up with having to having to have photos taken. He had such a “this is for her and if it makes her happy, it’s worth it,” attitude about him that was very pleasant to work with! Katey suggested a location that was incredibly close to many places I have shot in Colorado Springs, and yet, I had never shot there before. It’s such a treat to have a client suggest a new place and have it turn out awesome. Thanks to Rock Ledge Ranch for being beautiful and to Colorado for having the PERFECT weather while we were there!

I can’t wait to be back in a couple weeks, even if it’s only for a short 48 hours. Congratulations Katey and Jack and I hope your move to Washington goes smoothly! And thanks for bringing your dogs, I had a blast with them! 🙂

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