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Katie Rose | Spring in Kansas City

There is something about Springtime that just puts people in a good mood. The sun comes out and everyone comes out of hibernation, renewed and ready to take on the year. If you have followed me on my personal social media at all, you’d know that I have been running a lot in training for my first half marathon in 3 weeks (EEK!). It’s amazing what you discover when you walk or run outside instead of driving…this gorgeous tree in full bloom, for example. For about a week I kept running by it and every time I couldn’t help but think about how BADLY I wanted to photograph someone with it. I imagined a blonde fitting the scene perfectly and my new friend Katie was kind enough to help me make it happen. 

Growing up in Colorado was incredible (obviously, it’s Colorado), but we certainly didn’t have trees like this there so I’m still in awe of them every year. And yet, I always seem to miss them since they are only in full bloom like this for a couple weeks! I couldn’t be happier that I can’t say that anymore 🙂 If you’re a photographer, don’t forget to shoot for YOU between sessions..let’s fight burnout together to continue to Create, Connect and Captivate.

Know someone who is looking for photos this Spring? Share this post and tag them! Or just let them know I exist….it’s all appreciated 🙂

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