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Travel Photography | Yosemite and San Fransisco, California

My husband and I do our best to visit somewhere new each year. First it was Charleston, SC for our honeymoon, next was a Cruise to Mexico, Honduras and Beliz. This time we got to make our way through California. We flew to Oakland, drove from there to Yosemite and then on to Mammoth Lakes for a day and a half. Then we drove back to stay in Oakland and spend a couple days exploring San Francisco. 

First things first, Preston made an awesome video of our trip… not too shabby for not using any stabilizing equipment! Check it out if you want to feel relaxed for a few minutes, it perfectly shows the contrast between nature and city that so epitomized our vacation: 

 Emeral Lake, Mammoth Lakes, California

Emeral Lake, Mammoth Lakes, California

 San Fransisco

San Fransisco

We had SO much good food while we were there. I have a bad memory, so here is the list so I can remember some of them if we ever go back! I would recommend any and all of these if you plan to visit.

MAMMOTH LAKES: Stellar Brew & Natural Cafe, Ramenya, Epic Cafe (in Lee Vining on the way)

SAN FRAN: Codmother Fish & Chips (food truck near Fisherman’s Wharf), Kitchen Istanbul, Gott’s Roadside (diner in the Ferry Building)

OAKLAND: Judoku Sushi, Donut Savant, Firebrand Artisan Breads, Drake’s Dealership

This was the first trip I’ve done where we didn’t have access to a car for a few days and just used public transportation. It was actually so awesome! Not only did we not have to deal with parking and traffic in the city, we also lost a couple pounds from all the walking we did. Seriously though… Monday we walked 20 miles from one side of the bay to the Golden Gate Bridge on the other!! We certainly saw a lot of the city though, which was the hope 🙂


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