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Shawnee, Kansas Spring Wedding at Nall Ave Church of the Nazarene | Brent & Annie

This Kansas City wedding was extra special for me to get to capture because Andra and Brent both went to seminary with my husband! These two are so kind and fun-loving; it was so wonderful to get to participate in this celebration of their love!

If you were to ask Brent how they met, he would say that Annie “chased him,” which she said was party true considering she had feelings for him long before she ever thought he was interested and she sparked their first conversations on social media that led to the rest. They built a strong friendship and then dated long distance for a year before moving to Minnesota.

Brent told me that Annie is simply a beautiful person inside and out. “She is the most lovingly sacrificial person I know, pouring out love and kindness to everyone she meets. She cares about people deeply and loves them well, letting them be who they are, without trying to get them to be anyone else. I find that amazing about her. She is a gifted minister and a fantastic partner. She helps me to be better everyday and I am truly thankful for her and the love and grace she shows me. Each day she helps me see the grace of God in this world.”

Annie said, “Brent is goofy and passionate. He loves the church and church history; he has strong opinions, but it’s because he wants people (and the Church) to be the best they can. He is always trying to make me laugh.”


“Brent’s ordination was on May 18th, so I flew out to celebrate his ordination with him and his family. On the morning of May 18th, Brent told me that he had secured special access to go inside to the top of the Portland Head Light (it’s all about who you know!). We drove to the lighthouse with his sister and went inside the lighthouse. When I walked out on the railing, Brent handed me an icon of Saint Agnes (the patron saint of engaged couples) and asked me to read the back of the icon. While I was reading, he got down on one knee. His sister was recording the entire engagement, so there’s proof that Brent was really nervous, so I was the one the said, “You have to ask the question!” He asked me to marry him, and I said yes.”

Brent shared with me that his favorite thing to do together is to get dinner and stop at Flapdoodles ice cream shop afterward. He likes those kinds of dates because it’s just time spent together. Nothing fancy, but life together. After dating long distance for so long, he’s extremely grateful for the little simple things of being together. One of Annie’s favorite trips together was when they went to her hometown when she officiated a wedding so she got to show him around where she grew up!

Brent and Annie envisioned themselves forgetting about all the cares in the world for a day as we make our sacred vows to each other. They hoped it would be a time to celebrate their love with the support of those they love most and those who love them, and to overall have a fun, memorable time together. I love how sincere their hearts are for the things that matter!

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