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Downtown Kansas City Christmas & Shopping Themed Personal Brand Session | Chloe with Deeper Than Money

Okay wow. Every time I do a personal brand session for Chloe I have even more fun than I did the last time and somehow love the photos even more too! This was our third one this year in Kansas City (check out the first one here and the second here) and we’ve been able to get a ridiculous amount of variety in each 2 hour session! Chloe is a millennial money coach who teaches the strategies she has used in her own life to get out of $36K of debt in 18 months and the ones she is using to become a millionaire by age 27 (this is not a joke!). This time we focused on Christmas photos since duh it’s the holiday season and she’ll need images to share, but even more specifically she is running a free challenge right now called “it’s beginning to cost a lot like Christmas” and these will help her promote it!

We focused the second half of her session on a shopping theme since her newest course is all about how to stop impulse shopping and over-spending on unnecessary things in order to save for bigger goals. Keep an eye on Chloe’s Instagram account for more info on that!

If you’re an entrepreneur or influencer in need of LOTS of content in a very short amount of time so you can stop stressing about what to post next and even plan out your social strategy months in advance, be sure to check out the info about Personal Brand photo sessions and shoot me a message to schedule yours!

Entrepreneurs and Influencers: find out more about how to schedule your personal brand session here!

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