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Colorado Springs Brand Photographer in KC | Chloe with Deeper Than Money

Colorado Springs Personal Brand photographer for creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, and influencers

Chloe, a millennial money coach (Deeper Than Money), is honestly one of the main reasons I do personal brand photography! She started booking me quarterly about a year ago and completely changed my perspective / helped me define what entrepreneurs actually need from a photo session. I’m so grateful she is still booking me when I’m in KC even though I’ve now moved back to Colorado Springs!

Major needs we’ve discovered for personal brand photo sessions:

  1. VARIETY – entrepreneurs need a lot of variety in order to maximize one session with a photographer. This is why I offer unlimited outfit changes with my full personal brand sessions – so you can make it look like different days or multiple photo shoots so it’s a long time before you feel like you’re posting the same things over and over again.
  2. QUANTITY – entrepreneurs need a large quantity of images that they can use on their websites, social media, and marketing content without having to do a photo session every month to keep up with the ever-changing, online world. Hence why I always suggest my full, 2 hour personal brand session so we have plenty of time to get lots and lots of images and why I give ALL good ones we get during that time instead of limiting the number!
  3. LONGEVITY – both variety and quantity play into the longevity of image usage, but it’s also why I offer 2-3 locations for my full brand sessions… because anything we can do to make it look like different days and sessions provides that much longer of a timeframe that my clients can use their images before they feel overused. And even then, after a few months, you can circle back to a past session like this to pull from and they feel fresh all over again!

Thank you, Chloe, for being my personal brand “poster child” and for inspiring me to dive into this niche and make it my thing! While I do weddings and families as well, I often have people tell me that personal brand photos are what they think of when they think of Kira Whitney Photography, which is so so fun considering I only started pivoting in this direction about a year and a half ago!

Wondering how a personal brand session could help you? Just shoot me a message via my contact form HERE and I’d be happy to send over more info!

“I book a personal branding shoot with Kira every 3 months to get a crazy amount of content for social media and new projects. She is AMAZING. I started working with her over a year ago and every single shoot we do is more fun than the last. She is incredible at making recommendations of where to have the photoshoot and she is also brilliant at helping you pose in ways that look natural and turn out the most authentic in photos. Working with Kira has elevated my brand ( in ways that I can’t even put into words! Thank you Kira for being the most incredible branding photographer! Would absolutely recommend to anyone.” – Chloe Crain, Deeper Than Money

Reach out HERE for more info about a Personal Brand session to see if it might be a good fit for you!

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