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St. Pius X & Paradise Park & Event Center, Moberly, MO Wedding | Greg & Kari Perry

Greg and Kari met at a country bar in Overland Park, Kansas. Greg thought he was too cool for Kari and Kari thought she was too cool for him, so of course they ended up talking. Eventually Kari said, “So, do you want to go out with me or what?” They went out on their first date and have been together ever since 🙂

I was fortunate that Kari found me because of a Google search – always such a good feeling because I guess that means I’m doing something right! 😉 We had a blast at their engagement session in and around Union Station in Kansas City and their wedding was absolutely one for the books.


Greg and Kari had just flown back from a wedding in Miami and it was New Year’s Eve. They started to head home and Greg said he wanted to stop and get some Chipotle. He then proceeded to choose the Chipotle that was the most out of the way possible, instead of the one right off the highway and Kari gave him a hard time about not letting her give him directions. After lunch he insisted they needed gas, even though they still had over 100 miles left on the tank, so they went in search of a gas station. Kari told me she was annoyed because he wouldn’t take any of her suggestions to just look it up on the GPS. They pulled up to the Spa on penn, parked, and Greg started to get out of the car. Of course, Kari pointed out that it was not a gas station, but they went inside and they had them on the schedule! Greg got a massage and Kari got her nails and hair done. She said she was still completely oblivious at that point. The day before was her birthday, so she assumed it was just a belated birthday treat.

Once their appointments were over, they got back in the car and continued the search for a gas station. Kari started noticing that something weird was going on when Greg passed several good options. They stopped at the Marriott on the Plaza and checked into the hotel. Greg told her they had dinner reservations in two hours and to get ready. He handed her a new sparkly dress and her warm boots. After dinner they headed off to their next surprise! Keep scrolling to read to finale 😉


Greg and Kari pulled up to Union Station and went inside. They had tickets for their Swingin’ Eve Party! They listened to great music, drank wine and danced. Around 10:30 Greg asked if I wanted to dance, or eat or go back to the hotel. She said they could leave if he wanted, but on their way out they stopped for a kiss under the mistletoe and that’s when he popped the question! He asked her to spend the rest of her life with him, and of course she said, “YES!”


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