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What to Wear | Style Tips & Where to Shop for Portrait Sessions

Do you procrastinate booking photo sessions because you can’t figure out what to wear?

Whether it’s a family session and you’re struggling to coordinate everyone’s outfits, an engagement session where you’re trying to capture your best selves in the most special season of your lives so far, or individual portraits like a senior session, these tips will give you a good place to start in order to stop the overwhelm and help you make decisions with a vision in mind.

What to wear:

1) Coordinate, don’t “match,” meaning you can choose different main colors and then use smaller pops of color to tie them together. Don’t get too caught up on finding the same shade – it’s often better to have a little variety!

2) Nuetral and pastel colors photograph beautifully (avoid jeans if possible!)

3) Dresses are most flattering on women and add movement to the images

4) Layers are most flattering on men (sweaters over collared shirts, blazers, etc.). A suit and tie is always ideal for engagement sessions, but one of my favorite looks for men is colored pants with a sport coat/blazer and a simple button up shirt underneath, it’s a modern take on a classic/timeless look! 

5) Statement accessories can add a fun element to a portrait session so don’t hesitate to wear larger jewelry or grab a small bouquet of flowers to dress it up!

6) 3/4 length sleeves have a slimming effect on women’s arms and heels also elongate women’s legs for a similar effect

Where to shop:

For engagement sessions, Rent the Runway is always a fun way to really dress it up and try out a new dress or two without breaking the bank.

For something not quite as fancy (although I do believe there is no such thing as “too dressed up” when it comes to photo sessions), here are some other places my clients and I have had great success with (Instagram is a great place to start checking them out):

Journey Five

Wren & Ivory

Piper & Scoot – if you’re looking for a jumper, definitely check them out!

Amazon – this one is a little more risky since you never know who you’re buying from, but I’ve been happily surprised with some of the dresses I’ve ordered and they were SO affordable so it was worth the try!

Where do you shop for photo-worthy outfits? Drop the name of your favorite store (online or physical storefront) in the comments below!

Some clients who nailed stunning outfits for their photo sessions:



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