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Golden, Colorado Backyard Wedding | Madi & Cameron

This gorgeous backyard wedding in Golden, Colorado was an absolute dream 🙂 I knew Madi and Cameron in college, but it’s a beautiful thing when friendships come back around years later! It is so obvious that they are perfect for each other, and I’ll think you’ll see in the images that there was SO much joy from both sides of the family when it came time for them to tie the knot.

These two love birds got engaged in April of 2018 and somehow managed to plan their perfect wedding day in a short 3 months. Impressive to say the least! Of course there were some jokes made by the best man about that during his speech (which was, I might add, probably the funniest and most engaging best man speech I have heard). Cameron originally tried to use a ring pop to ask her to marry him, but after it blew into a pond, he convinced Madi to go on an Easter egg hunt and ended up asking her in a gazebo by the water. Madi said she honestly couldn’t tell you everything he said, but she knows she blurted out “YES” right away!

One of Madi’s favorite things about Cameron is his ability to make any situation seem so much more positive that it may originally be. He never dwells on negatives and always finds the best and most positive solutions to any problem that may arise. He’s an expert silver lining finder. His favorite thing about Madi is that she can effortlessly be his best friend. Her smile alone can instantly make all of the stress and worry of the day melt away.

Madi & Cameron envisioned just the most fun, loving atmosphere possible. They expressed to me that they feel so blessed to have the best family and friends supporting them, and said that having them all in one place was a dream come true!

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