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Bentonville, Arkansas Holland Barn Engagement | Jake & Kristy

This Northwest Arkansas engagement session was one for the books! While I’m based out of Kansas City, the Bentonville area is just a short drive away and since I have family to stay with while I’m there, I always love an excuse to spend some time in the area.

I always love when clients become my friends… but sometimes it’s the opposite and friends become my clients, which is special in it’s own way! Kristy and Jake are some of my older sister’s best friends from college, so we’ve gotten to know each other over the years. When Kristy told me there was no question that they wanted me to photograph their wedding, I could have cried with joy. The extra great thing about photographing people you already know is that there is an unparalleled comfort level that you just can’t create out of nowhere! Since comfort results in joy and laughter like in these images, I’m a huge fan 🙂 At one point I told Kristy about the time I swing danced with Jake years ago and he told me it was like dancing with a board HAH!!! Don’t worry, he was just giving me a hard time, but he was right….. dancing is not my forte!

We decided shoot their engagement session at the venue where they’ll be getting married this August so I could have a chance to see it.. plus it’s just beautiful, so why the heck not?!? Thanks to the Holland Barn for letting us take over their space on this cool, summer evening!


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