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Small Business Photography, Colorado Springs Hair Salon | Kelli Stephenson, Owner of Lush & Lather

Kelli told me that she’s been hoping to get on my calendar for a while now (which absolutely made my day), but the truth is… I’ve been wanting to photograph her for a while now too! I’m sure you can see why… she is gorgeous and has the most amazing personality to go with her good looks! We went to high school together in Woodland Park, Colorado and have brushed shoulders many times, but haven’t ever actually hung out until now. It’s unfortunate that we live so far apart because we would be such good friends otherwise!

I’ve loved watching her story unfold on social media, from her marriage to her health journey (she is training for 5 triathlons this year – you’ll see some images we took to hopefully get her sponsored at the end of this post) to her entrepreneurial endeavors as she opened her own salon within the last year!

p.s. if you live in the Colorado Springs area and need an amazing stylist, you should definitely check out Lush & Lather and follow Kelli’s work on Instagram . It’s hard not to feel a strangely close connection with other small business owners and Kelli is no different. She shines bright in everything she does and I am so honored that she was flexible around my schedule to make this session happen in the only couple hours I had available while in town last week!! Yet another shoot that reminds me just how much I love what I do 🙂

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