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Out of the Bag

Here’s the thing about photography: it’s a hassle. Carrying around all that equipment, finding locations, talking to so many people…it can be overwhelming and bit exhausting! Lately I have been on a mission to take more photos of life outside my paid shoots. I think it’s challenging to view the world from the camera’s perspective, always looking for opportunities and trying to capture the beauty in all different situations. It isn’t comfortable, but nothing truly extraordinary ever came from staying in your comfort zone! Sometimes I feel like Dori from Finding Nemo, “just keep shooting, just keep shooting, just keep shooting shooting shooting…” 

The first step was actually taking my camera with me everywhere; I never even have the chance to photograph anything if it is left sitting at home. However, I have found that even if I have it with me, if I leave it in the bag there is much less of a chance of it getting used. If it’s in my hand I start to really focus on my surroundings and at that point it’s just easy to lift it to my eye and snap a few here and there. Recently it has been helpful and eye opening to just pick one lens to take at a time and do what I can with that, rather than try to take a larger bag with more options. I doubt I’m the only one that struggles to not have my camera collect dust on a shelf at home, so my challenge for you is to take yours with you and take it OUT OF THE BAG! 

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