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Lees Summit Family Christmas | The Mains

Sometimes during a session I worry that I am not getting the photos that I am picturing in my mind, but I just have to focus on the thought: “trust yourself.”  This was one of those sessions. I had the pleasure of working with Kelsey for a year in the Nazarene Youth International office and she was such a blast to have as a co-worker! Her kids are obviously the cutest you’ve ever seen and her husband Justin has been nothing but kind.

**There is a funny story there actually…there were only seven people in our office for the year. My boss’s name was Justin, Kelsey’s husband’s name is Justin, and my other co-worker Alli’s husband was ALSO named Justin. Needless to say, the first time Kelsey said something like “Justin and I bought a new car last week,” I was genuinely confused as to why she was buying a car with my boss since she had a husband and all….. the solution was to say “my Justin” anytime they talked about their husbands (if they remembered). Idk, maybe it was funnier if you were there 😉

Anyway, these sweet kiddos were a little bit stubborn that morning and we were struggling to get them to look at the camera and smile at the same time. I was so afraid that every photo was going to turn out shaky from waving my extra hand to try and get their attention or that I wouldn’t get everyone looking at the same time. Luckily, we had a beautifully cloudy morning so their exact position didn’t matter as much and I snapped enough in a row that I definitely got some keepers! I was pleasantly surprised once I waded through the masses to realize how many cute shots we got. Kelsey and Justin, thank you for your patience and for trusting me – it makes me trust myself more!!

This momma knew what she was doing when she picked up some gingerbread cookies to decorate…I can’t believe how well it worked:D

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