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You hear it all the time, but it constantly rings true: it’s a small world! Connections are everything in this day and age and it’s amazing the places that you find them. In this case, Facebook was a winner yet again! I mean seriously, what did people do before Social Media? 😉 I’m so thankful Darin found me through a photo of a mutual friend…and then we found out that her husband takes classes at the same seminary as mine does! So that was cool. Oh yeah, and her little guy, Locke was absolutely the sweetest…so bashful and quiet but so smart at the same time. It made me so happy when we figured out that he kept crouching down because that’s what I did while I was taking photos! 

Thankful for another Kansas City family connection…know of anyone else who might be interested in a photo session? Don’t forget about my referral program – we can help each other! Enjoy this joyful session at Swope Park 🙂

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